Welcome to Our Affiliate Program!

We’re pleased to welcome you to our official GoBags Affiliate Program.

Our affiliate program has been specifically designed for individuals who run their own sites or who are well versed in the art of boosting website traffic. Individuals who register for our website’s affiliate program are eligible to receive a commission on all purchases made by clients who’ve been redirected to our site via a web link placed on your website. Affiliates will be issued a unique affiliate link that will record the traffic and sales activity resulting due to their efforts.

Affiliate Links – Why Should You Select Us?

All affiliates will be issued unique coded links that can be posted on their websites or in the form of ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC advertisements. Link placement is completely a matter of your discretion. When customers click on your affiliate link, enter our website, and make a purchase, this link will record this information. You will be notified whenever your links result in sales. Affiliates are eligible for a 15% commission on all sales made using their affiliate link.

For instance, if a person purchases a wallet and a bag from our website whose cost that totals $400, you’ve just earned $60. Our program has zero setup fees and can be activated in a matter of minutes.

Payments – Affiliate commission payments are made on the 15th of every month via direct money transfer. We also support several other payment methods as well.

To sign up for our affiliate program, simply complete the form given below. Once it has been submitted, you will be forwarded an email containing your login credentials. Please contact our support desk in case you don’t receive this email.